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Following is the list of programs based on the search criteria. Click any program name to view details or to apply.
You searched for Outgoing programs within Summer (Nov-Feb) term, having (Program Type equal to 'Short-term overseas study-exchange' or 'Short-term overseas study-fee paying'), sorted by Program Name in ascending order.
Program search results
Program search results
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*ACICIS Agriculture Professional Practicum (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Multiple Locations Indonesia Asia
*ACICIS Business Professional Practicum (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Multiple Locations Indonesia Asia
*ACICIS Development Studies Professional Practicum (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Multiple Locations Indonesia Asia
*ACICIS Indonesian Language Short Course (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Multiple Locations Indonesia Asia
*ACICIS Journalism Professional Practicum (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Multiple Locations Indonesia Asia
*In-Country Italian Studies [Fee-paying] Multiple Locations Italy Europe
AA Visiting School - Amazon Rainforest: Inhabiting the Anthropocene (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Alter do Chao Brazil South America
AA Visiting School - Curartistry in Bangkok (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Bangkok Thailand Asia
AA Visiting School - ITB BambooLab (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Bandung Indonesia Asia
AA Visiting School - Water Futures: Architecture and Environment in the Patagonian Fjords (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Puerto Cisnes Chile South America
CISaustralia - January in Florence, Italy (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Florence Italy Europe
CISaustralia - January in London, England (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] London United Kingdom Europe
CISaustralia - January in Maastricht, Netherlands (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Maastricht Netherlands Europe
CISaustralia - January on Vancouver Island, Canada (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Vancouver Canada North America
Fudan University Chinese In-Country Intensive (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Shanghai China Asia
IFSA BUTLER - Barcelona, Spain (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Barcelona Spain Europe
IFSA BUTLER - Rome, Italy (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Rome Italy Europe
IFSA BUTLER- January in Heredia, Costa Rica (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Heredia Costa Rica Central America
IFSA BUTLER- January in Merida, Mexico (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Merida Mexico Central America
KAIST Engineering and IT Summer Research Program (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Exchange] Daejeon South Korea Asia
Korea University International Winter Campus (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Fee-paying] Seoul South Korea Asia
Ludwig Maximilian University European Studies Winter School (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Exchange] (Exchange) Munich Germany Europe
Vienna Austria Europe
Morocco Summer Arabic Studies Program (Summer: Nov-Jan) [Fee-paying] Rabat Morocco Africa
POSTECH Engineering and IT Summer Research Experience (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Exchange] Pohang South Korea Asia
Ritsumeikan Winter Japanese Program (Summer: Nov - Jan) [Fee-paying] Kyoto Japan Asia
Sophia University January Session in Japanese Studies (Summer: Nov-Jan) [Exchange] (Exchange) Tokyo Japan Asia
Tecnológico de Monterrey iWinter MX Programs (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Exchange] (Exchange) Multiple Locations Mexico Latin America
The Exeter Oxford Tutorial Programme (Summer: Nov-Jan) [VIRTUAL] [Fee-paying] Virtual United Kingdom Europe
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Summer: January - February) [Fee-paying] Milan Italy Europe
University of Auckland Summer School (Summer: Nov-Jan) [Exchange] (Exchange) Auckland New Zealand Oceania
University of Otago January School (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Exchange] (Exchange) Dunedin New Zealand Oceania
University of Stuttgart Winter University (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Exchange & Fee-paying] (Exchange) Stuttgart Germany Europe
University of Trento Winter School (Summer: Nov-Feb) [Exchange & Fee-paying] (Exchange) Trento Italy Europe
Winter Abroad at Yonsei (Summer: Nov-Jan) [Fee-paying] Seoul South Korea Asia