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How does this work?

The University offers several programs to support you to study overseas whilst enrolled in your UniMelb degree. The program offerings are below, click through for more information on the programs and available host institutions you can study at! 



Exchange students remain enrolled at the University of Melbourne and are also enrolled into a host institution overseas. They continue to pay their tuition fees to the University of Melbourne and do not pay any tuition fees to their host university. They are nominated by the University of Melbourne and receive assistance to arrange their study overseas.  Read further on how you can go on exchange.

Find out where you can go by browsing Partner Institutions.  

Having problems getting access to the site?

Some Mac computers have difficulty looking at this site.  If you are experiencing that it is likely to be because of what is called the 'certificate keychain'.  Download the instructions about how to fix that problem: Mac certificate keychain.pdf (309KB pdf)  
Download screen-by-screen instructions here (2.3MB pdf) on how to complete the online application.